Navigating the Forever Different

Comms and brand advice to CEOs and founders from the new Mixing Board Community

Take a Stand.

It was hard enough managing a company’s brand in normal and relatively predictable years. In 2020, we were firmly thrust into the forever different by profound forces that have made doing so exponentially more complicated and important.

Start from the Inside Out.

Internal Community > Internal Comms

As the influence of employees rises, so, too, does the importance of internal communications. “Internal communications should be considered as a high priority, strategic leadership function,” says Atkins. “Ignore that need, and things will break.”

The Value of (True) Values and Doing Something About Them

With pressing social issues colliding with the rise of the employee voice, it’s no surprise that expectations around a company’s stated values have never been more fraught. Thomas Vladeck, Managing Director of Gradient Metrics, provides more context on why now:

Transparently Authentic

Meet Customers Where They Are

The only thing changing faster than the socio-political environment may be how consumers get information and who they trust.

The Brass Tacks: 2021 Advice

Here are a few additional recommendations for CEOs as they navigate through 2021.

Onward with agility

We’re not out of the woods yet. Katie Dreke nicely encapsulates so much of what was covered by other members:



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