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Mar 20, 2023

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Mixing Board Member Eva Rijser recently left her role as VP of Global Brand at Flexport, where she built the comms function from the ground up and oversaw creative, content, PR, and more. Before Flexport she spent over a decade at Edelman as EVP & Group Director of Corporate Affairs where she was responsible for client service and operations across Corporate Affairs where she worked with companies like Genentech, McKinsey and ServiceNow. Eva will be starting a new leadership role soon.
Mixing Board Member Maryam Banikarim recently left her role as Head of Marketing for Nextdoor to focus on revitalizing the neighborhoods of New York City through work with the Partnership for NYC. Before Nextdoor, Maryam served in CMO or SVP roles at Hyatt, Gannett, NBC Universal and Univision. Before that, she founded a strategy firm, consulting for such clients as Deutsche Bank, Bacardi and Time-Warner. She’s also worked with Turner Broadcasting, MacMillan Publishing, Young and Rubicam and CitySearch, a pioneering early internet start-up. The Iranian immigrant’s unorthodox career path also included stints as an investment banker, handbag designer, production assistant and intern in the British Parliament.
Mixing Board Member Jessica Kleiman was most recently the Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Peloton, where she oversaw the brand’s public relations, corporate communications, internal communications and social media initiatives. Before Peloton, she led consumer communications at Instagram and spen over a decade at Hearst Magazines, where she drove PR efforts for 20 U.S. media brands. In the dot com days, Jessica led comms for The Knot, the OG internet wedding planning company.
Mixing Board Member Anna Ondaatje most recently was the Global Brand & Franchise VP of Strategy at Playboy where she helped lead a massive transformation of the brand over a three-year period that also saw the company go public. Before Playboy, she was at Pramana Collective where she worked with Mixing Board founder Sean Garrett. In 2016, she served as a Fellow at the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Programmable Nanomaterials, leading an interdisciplinary team of engineers, artists, industrial designers, and physicists on work bridging the divide between the art and science disciplines.
Mixing Board Member Brandon Borrman is the Head of Communications for Alchemy — which, if you haven’t heard of them, is a very important player in the emerging Web3 world that has raised well over $500 million. Brandon joined Alchemy last October as their first non-engineering hire. Before Alchemy, Brandon was the VP of Global Communications at Twitter for more than three years (2018–2021). He had multiple decades of serious comms work and accomplishments before diving into the Twitter role.
Mixing Board Member Aimee Woodall is the CEO and Founder of The Black Sheep Agency, a cause-driven brand strategy firm. As chief strategist for the agency, Aimee sees every decision as a responsibility to lead to the greatest possible impact.
Mixing Board member Poppy Thorpe serves on the Board of Directors of Snap and consults with founders and CEOs on how to build their brands. She was previously the Chief Marketing Officer at Sesame, a direct to patient healthcare company, and the Head of Brand Marketing and Strategy at Glossier. For Glossier, this meant leading brand marketing, brand strategy and all integrated go-to-market strategy and execution for product launches, campaigns, retail openings, and consumer initiatives.

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Mixing Board member Katja Gagen leads marketing and communications activities at the venture capital and private equity firm TCV. Her experience includes managing brands for innovative leaders, companies, and organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. She was previously at General Catalyst, Cisco, and several global private equity firms. Katja currently serves on the board of Playyon, a female-led online communications and commerce platform for amateur sport and recreation activities.
The business words you say about Mixing Board member Heidi Hackemer are that she is an entrepreneur, brilliant brand strategist and strategic leader who has helped some of the most important organizations better connect with their purpose and make an impact. The human words are that she’s a force of nature, a generous mentor and helps make people around her better. She has served as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s top brands, including Oatly where she is the now the Executive Director of the Oatly Climate/Culture Lab. She also worked as an advisor to the Obama White House, served as VP of Engagement for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, founded the sought-after brand strategy agency Wolf & Wilhelmine and co-founded the Creative Alliance, an organization that matches social movements with creators to make a positive change in the country. A decade ago Heidi was introduced to members of the Lakota tribe and has since focused her personal activism on Indigenous issues in the United States through supporting non-profits and grassroots movements. She has also driven her Harley Davidson across the country several times.
Mixing Board member Nina Montgomery is an archeologist-turned-designer. By day, Nina works at IDEO on social and environmental challenges that require collective action. By night, she is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford studying business, religion, and society. She’s written two books — Perspectives on Purpose and Perspectives on Impact — that bring together 40 executives to share their thoughts on how the private sector can engage with the biggest challenges of our time. She also writes a newsletter for LinkedIn called Reimagining Capitalism and teaches on this topic at Stanford as an appointed Lecturer.
Mixing Board member Kate Mason is the founder of Hedgehog + Fox, a strategic communications firm that works with organizations on storytelling and narrative strategy and helps leaders communicate with authority and impact. Previously, she ran global communications functions at Medium and Khan Academy, and before that, consumer PR for YouTube and Google Australia and New Zealand. Kate has a Ph.D. in English and lives in Sydney, Australia.
Dan Pfeiffer served President Obama for eight years as his Communications Director on his 2008 campaign and then in the White House as Senior Advisor to the President for Strategy and Communications. He is a noted political and digital strategist, Pod Save America co-host, CNN contributor, a very regular newsletter publisher on messaging and political strategy, and best selling author (with a new book coming out in February).