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Mixing Board

A first set of products and 100 comms and brand experts

In late January, the Mixing Board community of comms and brand experts was introduced. For the first time, organizations could tap the experience and perspective of some of the best minds in the industry — at the same time — on issues or opportunities they’re facing. We brought together all-star teams of Mixing Board members on all types of projects — from quick consultations to workshops to two-week sprints to helping high-profile organizations navigate inflection points for multiple months.

We wanted to see how it would all work and what people would want from Mixing Board before we could take…

“Brand identity is so much more beyond color and font choice. We’re getting into how does that impact the haptic feedback in the app as it sits in your hand and you’ve done something? Does it shake? Does it make a sound? What is that sound? What happens on the screen? And what are the ways in which the app experience returns my data back to me in a way that is valuable?”

Mixing Board community member Katie Dreke has spent more than twenty years guiding all flavor of traditional and experimental brand and innovation work on behalf of the…

Mixing Board community member David Swain was an early employee on Facebook’s communications team. He later got the rare opportunity to become Instagram’s first head of communications after the company was acquired in 2012.

It’s hard to remember — or even imagine — but when the acquisition happened, Instagram was still a tiny company and didn’t have a single traditional marketing or communications employee.

Fortunately for Instagram (and Facebook), David didn’t walk in the door at Instagram and slap down a traditional playbook down at the table. …

Before the bad man, Mixing Board community member Eric Schultz was the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary and Special Assistant to President Barack Obama. Schultz advised the President, spoke on behalf of the Administration in White House briefings, and helped manage the Administration’s proactive messaging and news-of-the-day responses. He’s been a senior advisor to President Obama since 44’s administration and heads a boutique public affairs firm offering his expertise to clients in the political, financial, technology and entertainment sectors.

Here are excerpts from this week’s Studio Session between Eric and Mixing Board founder Sean Garrett. Eric and Sean talk…

Mixing Board community member Todd Hansen spent the last decade scouting the next big thing as the Head of Conference Programming and Strategy for SXSW. In those ten years, he definitely saw some things as he interconnected the interactive, music and film worlds and the personalities therein.

Here are excerpts from this week’s Studio Session between Todd and Mixing Board founder Sean Garrett. Todd and Sean talk about SXSW’s wild ride, the post-COVID future of events and what the next SXSW might be.

SG: Tell us about your 10 years at SXSW. Your job is year round and it’s the…

Mixing Board Community Member Bailey Richardson, with her partners at People & Company, helps organizations like Substack, Nike, Porsche, and Thinx make their community-building efforts strategic and tailored to their own unique needs and opportunities. She’s also published a book on how to build communities and interviews inspiring community leaders that the world should know about on her podcast, Get Together. Before all this, she grew the early community around Instagram, where she was one of the first employees.

Here are excerpts from Bailey’s live Studio Session interview with Mixing Board founder Sean Garrett.

SG: For someone who has a…

Internal comms used to be a thing that amounted to making the email from the HR team about new company policy read a bit better. Then it grew into producing the company all-hands. Regardless of the medium, it was long a tactical function for broadcasting a message to employees — not engaging them in a conversation.

Since then, lots have changed with internal communications. And the pandemic further accelerated a decade’s worth of transformation in about a year.

Mixing Board community member Amanda Atkins has the very meta role of being the head of internal communications and culture at Slack…

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The freshly introduced Mixing Board community of comms and brand leaders shares insights and experiences among the membership and with organizations who want their perspective.

We also want to bring our collective views to a broader audience to help increase the understanding and adoption of smart and contemporary comms and marketing strategies and approaches.

One way we’ll do this is through a regular “Studio Session” with Mixing Board members. It’s a live interview that we’ll be doing with the community and select invited guests. We’ll be sharing highlights of many of those conversations here.

First up is none other than…

Comms and brand advice to CEOs and founders from the new Mixing Board Community

The value of having a strong, adaptable brand in the face of constant and, often, unpredictable change has never been higher. Yet, it’s too hard, too time-consuming, and often too expensive to get the right advice from the right person at the right time.

Launching today, Mixing Board is a community of deeply experienced comms and marketing leaders. It offers easy access to strategic advice and fast-tracks to solutions from people who have solved big problems and created even bigger opportunities for the world’s most innovative brands and movements.

Members are current and former CMOs, heads of comms, public policy…

Mixing Board

A community of top minds from iconic brands.

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